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Maison Marcel

$20,000 reached, Marcel Sparkling rose has arrived & our Instagram page @drinkmarcel has 44k+ followers...Sky's the limit!!!

on Nov 3 2017

Hello everyone, 

First of all, thank you very much to all for your trust and also to all the new investors who are now on board. We've just reached $20k investment and should hopefully soon be featured in the WeFunder newsletter to bring on new investors. 

We are very excited to announce to our sparkling rosé has arrived perfectly on time for the Holiday season!

Just like our still rosé, our sparkling is off-dry, and offers a delicate fruitiness and a slight sweetness.

We have started to show it to our retail partners which feedback is great and our first orders have been fulfilled. In fact, in 2 weeks we've already sold 300 cases  out of the 1000 cases we imported. 

Full transparency about this batch: We've had a slight production situation. The sticker which is between the foil and the bottle was coming off during bottling. So I had to make a difficult call: Fix the problem and lose the opportunity to sell during OND (Oct-Nov-Dec), or send the shipment, be part of the holiday conversation and still introduce a great product to consumers. Obviously, I chose the latter with the idea of improving the process and packaging for the next run. You can actually see the difference between present and future bottle. 

We will soon put it up for sale on our online shop. 

Other awesome news, since the last update, our instagram page now has 44,200 followers, we are so thankful for all the Love! 

Thanks for following our adventures, stay tuned (a lot) more to come! 



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