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Wefunder Blog

Wow. We Were Invited to Washington D.C.

on Feb 10 2012
Founder & CEO @ Wefunder

I have to admit, I was once cynical about our government. I was wrong. Just one week after launching a petition to support equity crowd funding, multiple legislators reached out to us and invited us to Washington D.C.

We’ve spent the day meeting with the staffs of Senator Brown, Senator Merkley, Congressman McHenry, and the President’s Office… And whether Republican or Democrat, I was impressed. Behind the political theater - on the factory floor where the sausage gets made - are public servants who truly want to make a difference.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. We’re a bunch of powerless and unknown guys who put up an online petition. A couple of weeks later, we’re sitting in our nation’s capital, with lawmakers who are genuinely listening… and asking smart questions about how they can improve legislation that will affect 300 million odd people.

That’s pretty awesome.